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Muhamad Ridwan Harrist
Muhamad Ridwan Harrist  

I already been there! and have bad Experience about emotional trading! I loss big money! the reason why it happen is because first, I am not so sure what I am doing and how FX market works, secondly, I got greedy and want more profit, but when market move against my Trading position! it make my worlds crumble :D lol

but my suggestion to avoid emotional Trading is by learning from your past experiences, if you already know how market works! I am so there is no more emotional trading, as long you not to greedy I am sure your fx investment will stand for a very long time

PS.Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing. maybe emotional Trading comes from not knowing what your doing :)

just my 2 cents.

Steven Theobald
Steven Theobald  

When a trade goes against you and you invent a new swear word, that  is a symptom of emotional trading.

Step into the the FX Doc's office for just a moment and let's have a look . . .  Say "Ahhh!"

Hmmm.  I see...  the diagnosis is this:  You are ill with the disease called "PositionSizosis"  (also known as "Trading with a position size that is too large!")

If you don't change your behavior, then my prognosis is this:  You will blow your account quickly at this pace--or die of a heart attack.  You must STOP IT immediately.

Here is my prescription Mr. Trader:  Reduce your position sizes until no "new" words come out of your mouth, even if your stop is hit.

Trading can be both fun and profitable as you slowly work your way into the top 10% of traders and become good at what you do.  Inventing new words is a counter-productive part of journey.  We all pass through it, but must do our best to quickly learn and go on to the next challenge.

Just because you CAN use a 1000:1 leveraged account and put .10 lots on a $50 account doesn't mean you should! Use 50% of the position size you were just thinking about using.  That might just do the trick!  FXCM told me that they have done extensive studies, and their clients with lower margin do better overall.  Interesting?

Remember.  1% per day turns $100 in $1,000 in 12 months.  That's 10x your money in one year.  Isn't that enough?  Why are you trying for 10% in one day?  Look to the trees and remember how slowly they grow.  Look how strong and beautiful they are.  Be patient and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Success to you!


Curiosity killed the cat.


Emotions aren’t the scary part; it’s when you begin to consider the watertight determinism of the emotions, that’s when the walls really begin to breathe. You can go to the ends of the earth to escape the fate of your emotions, but what is, just is. Just because you identify them, does not automatically mean you will be able and fit to handle them, or will be exempt from suffering them and their consequences. Its not a dilemma of modern man, the problem goes way back, right back to Plato; the problem of acting against ones own better judgement, they called it Akrasia in ancient Greece. I.e. if we know the optimal way of acting to reach our goal, if we have a fool proof plan, if we can see the promised land shining like a beacon, and all we have to do is follow A, B and C...well, good luck with your fool proof plan, good luck with A, B and C.


Life, and by extension the market, shows you what you are made of, ignore it at your peril, sooner or later it will break you down, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Greed, fear, hope, stress, cockiness, denial etc, are all as much a part of you as love, jealousy, hunger, loneliness etc... they all come into your life against your will, at the very worst of times, at the very moment you are at your weakest, and they all take you off the road you believe you should be on, and put you on the road you need to be on.

Do you want to try and fight it? Its a perilous road, you might not return, you might lose your money, your wife, face mockery and humiliation and maybe even lose your mind. The problem is not if you can circumvent emotions and fate once or twice or even ten times, its if you can do it for the rest of your life.


Don’t give it your soul; try to automate as much as possible. :)

Steven Theobald
Steven Theobald  

good luck with your fool proof plan, good luck with A, B and C.

Life, and by extension the market, shows you what you are made of, ignore it at your peril, sooner or later it will break you down, 

The problem is not if you can circumvent emotions and fate once or twice or even ten times, its if you can do it for the rest of your life.

Don’t give it your soul; try to automate as much as possible. :)

You are a true poet.  Thanks for the insights.

Ha ha TT, thanks... i reserve the right to get carried away with myself every now and again.

Mosleur Rahaman Riad
Any Trader finds himself beneath the influence of fixing market cycles. At favorable moments, investors feel joy and drawdown engulfed with certainty. On dark days, the capitalist falls into despair and feels anxiety attacks. I realized
The only method to not succumb to such associated emotional influence is to follow the clear rules of a properly compiled system. sadly, most traders haven't any set up and no strategy. so as to not become a victim of emotions, a merchandiser should have a thought of the emotional stages of the market cycle.
Daniel Cioca
Daniel Cioca  
Hamad Shah #:
Stairng at charts on screen and having feeling like you are losing money without being into market :)
Daniel Cioca
Daniel Cioca  
I think all this comes when you interfere with your tested/proved working system… That is why sometimes is better to turn your sys into EA… there is no emotion in a code… 😊
Miyoko Goto
Miyoko Goto  

Because I'm targeted by the crime testers and they tried to give me examples of failing trend models for taunting, I started writing up all the failure models. Here is the excerpt from my book. I think the community watchers care about the traders' atmosphere and their images for trading accepted or not decision making. It's the matter of the food and thought reader issues. I studied enough of Food Choiz food contaminator chemicals from Malta and their study sites in the Balkans. So, if you don't know why oranges are bad for foreign students in the US or ethic foods consumption is needed in Ireland, just guess about such covert industry materials. 

In my case, the best attitude is the knowledge from the experts and mimicking. Keiichi Tani was in Cuppertino and started the M1 candlestick reading like many poor professor style. He got a ship after 3 years of trading and he brought out the same Ehime name ships for the Malta jobs. I learned further from other companies like Wagamama and Umami in Cyprus. Just be the same and a business person mentality works. But for the failure teaching toward me, it's the lack of concentration time quick decision making by the third person's effects. So, I'm writing a book to remind me all 108 failure models I'm getting from the thought readers I know. 

16 type of thought failure in ‘psycho’ trader model


The thought patterns are the same by the military ‘performer.’

Wu-Ramb Cow, Lin-Amu Tur, Schun-Hpi Sah, Seng-Liuw Schump, Sang-Lin Kah are executives probably monitoring  the Balkan regions for punishing the ill traders from Asia. The Northern America cases are by the ex-professional athletes in Colombia. 100 or more are working everyday for the thought business. Lee Gulp and Tong Keller are the members. Chilean Metz are engaged in the thought contamination jobs in S.America. Golb is the Meyers in S.America for the Africa to the Middle East observing with 200 daily unit.  We are living in the thought society.


1.  No money!

Harsh feeling. Not suited for the trading! Another person’s laptop closing sound at the side is enough portergeist effect making by the thought viewers. Thought manipulation and failure are caused by the heart pumping feeling of ‘loss’ synthesizer. But the nice food and music can give a positive feeling to cover the money loss or shortage feeling. It can be replaced by the real banknote shortage or some bank trouble instead of the Forex money shortage to make the fun trade making. Too serious on money causes such fun visual movie telling of the loser case show to the thought monitors for the targeting on keep losing command making.


2.  Noisy.

Large noise around around like the door chime to cafe music sounds. Too noisy?  Looking back feeling reduces the thought confusion a bit. No noise zone for construction side workers’ quick trade avoiding or the mobile drop switch is on by the trader search through the construction workers’ workplace.

Just reduce the volume or the ill coordinate of the location keep thinking. And just avoid to settle down at the same or similar location to  not get caught by the same thought transformer for further harassment like the spill by the cafe workers for the taunting noise on demand at the place.


3.  Laugh.

Others are laughing at you. Thought screwed. It’s the taunting maker. “Why laughed?” checker is on for the thought monitors.


4.  Holy!

‘The perfect match is!’ Someone scared of huge money making next door! Seeing the computer screen is worse! Envy! Envy anger would reduce the profit to match the others. It’s the villagers in Kyoto model to be normal.


5.  How.

Teach me insane. The teacher would reduce the wealth by the top secret sharing . Giyouh’s case is the mimic of wishing the same. Because someone screwed your trade, yours is none type thought watcher’s punishment on self control b the central unit of thought monitors.


6.  Food.

Something so poor in the visible eye is bad. A small food is good but not very small cup of coffee or a very cheep kitchen items.


7.  Contamination.

News types. “Did you see the news?” Particular information is good but others are thought ruining such as the weather forecast. Exclusive feeling is always needed for a week loss period pause to get refreshed from the losing feeling. No trade meant refreshing own mind. The bad choice is the kids TV with kids around for the easy thought for the easy trading. News. Comedy, TV news. Drama. Kids TV. Those environments are too casual and thought readers would taunt the traders if they are not observing the trading system carefully.


8.  Food.

Alike. Someone picking up the food from the floor is bad and a day off is needed if accidentally such a thing happened. Trade is only for the loss cut of that day. It happens at the kitchen and dropped item is washed for the cooking. Apple and orange dropping to the floor is not concerned.


9.  Brain simulator on.

Such as Hokkaido Visual Country image corrector. No one knew Ehime as a puzzle state mental image for any correct Ehime prefecture shape knowing person search making. The American type is the US flag image feeling right in front of the face by the brain simulator for the time of any traitor search. Such GEC(General Education Counsel)’s techniques destroy the thought images to focus on the visual item they send only. Thus, a wrong trade is simulated by Masakazu Shimizu or Lang Eve in North and South America to Pacific regions. ‘Kakure’ is the sound for the simulator activating sometimes.


10.  Souta tip working for ETHNO.

The ethnographic chip on the left elbow as a small seashell tip of 1mm size. If it’s in Malta, crews have 1-1.5mm seashell piece on the top of the head. The larger size is for the infants of Malta origin for the difference showing. Paris had the full diplomat time in 2016 and Builders-Burgers migrated and killed. Bulta-Bakas mimicked the real people’s voice simulation at ‘top officers voice’ replaced to ‘top officers boys.’ ankle angle of the voice listening at the ankle side by the bystander to look funny on the trader to happen outside. “You may be, John..” It’s the famous phrase saying for the traders for the room eviction. The voice reflection happens at the ankle side to camouflage the street noise. The thought correction to the funny movie happens while the boss is walking nearby. It suggests the wrong location the trader is at.


11.  Food.

Seeing the escort type person and dropping the food on the delivery from the plate to the mouth happens. It’s the wrong business doing asking to the poor boy reading the newspapers at the exclusive hotel. Someone looked like too casual but the food take in the wrong format is criticized by diocrat - mediocracy people. A slacking man’s sandal with  a T-shirt entry to the business hotel for the morning cafe with trading with the hotel WIFI won’t work after 1 or 2 days of the visit due to the emergency network problem.


12.  Hot.

Any hotness in the stomach is the dangerous sign. It’s the social envy of ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ figures watching the thought. It’s family simulation of the envy on the man or woman for trading a lot. It meant too much money and the maximum loss is the computer for the envy solution in the family. An accidental laptop dropping would happen.


13.  Loose.

Too loose computer location at night like the balcony of a house. Outside window open? That is the wrong spot. A table at a cafe when the trader is 20m or more distance away to pick up the cafe at the counter is too faraway. This looseness is always works an on ‘keep on trading’ noise out! It’s the business philosophy and wrong atmosphere haters.


14.  Leave it alone.

An ignored figure. Someone over-trading would be monitored as the mania. And alcoholic looking  is bad. Trading? The thought correcter comes to correct others’ view. Haruki Yokoyama often works on such Geo-Rama corner zone in Internet Cafes in Sweden to Finland for the water base motivation center’s thought interruption.


15.  Books/resources.

Borrowing someone’s is forbidden. Applying over 13 different ‘applicant’ templates type total motivation change would reduce the trade efficiently by the thought interactive levels to switch back to the beginner level. A sophisticated needs one or two indicators to be enough.


16.  Huge binary files of loss.

Many loss is bad. Keep continue - losing... why? It’s the air. Aholic. The moving panel flashing. The sudden change of the bar zones too high or too low meant the ‘death’ of the trading. It’s social monitoring of the FBI or something of PTI, Police Technology Institute of misuse of the brain of certain ‘individual.’ Loss records mean the attacking business by the police parties. A loss maker is always having trouble with more thought readers’ guessing of loss making exercises. There are 203 visual review ‘Watches’ for the 6 types challenges, 1) Metaphor - thought induction of last time ok without review, etc, 2) Congratulation - celebrity feeling one guess  with champagne drinking feeling, 3) Consulting - asking the bi-performer of telling lies sometimes, 4)Education- no education guess of avoiding further trade type and asking another material to solve it like the trading review watch and guessing the long term betting than the short term loss coming, 5)Short - in the short story short, the way to act is trade only and a short sited disease of loss coming, 6) Eight-man, 8hours later is LOSS. 108 types comes with this eight hour loss patterns.


17.  18+ years old.

Old enough to be warned more than ‘if.. is attacking me’ type dilemma. Anyone with loss fear is detected easily. And such fear is misused by the Cong-Yamaha’s hairy orangutan clan in southern India. 50 or more of such units have the brain reading machine for taunting the nicotine addicts. But some of others at the ashtray side atmosphere would get the influence from the different thought readers across the world. It meant the teenager like but the sophisticated image of the car show, car dealer or stock trading outside  image is important. Food service industry experience by the Snobs, inheritance with extra money accepted for the small shop working for the young ones. Money maker never sleep attitude is important.

John May #:

I read somewhere once that 95% of all Forex traders lose 100% of their money. How true those words seem.

Letting emotions creep into trading is not profitable.

I have a theory about trading that I would guess nearly everyone goes through at one time or another. It goes like this:

"The Seven phases of the beginning  forex trader

It all starts with No 1. Conservatism - after all the trader has read, he/she approaches each trade with tight stops and predefined limits just like the articles and books said. Then comes No. 2. Success - Good, well thought out trades bring profits, so quickly! Much better than I thought. Which leads to  No. 3. Overconfidence - This trading  method works every time, I am a genius. I am the best trader in the world. Of course that leads to No. 4. Greed - If I can make this much with one lot, then I can make twice as much with 2 lots. but all of a sudden there is No. 5. Denial - That's ok, the price will come back down, it always does. The top of the fibo is just above it, don't worry. No reason to close it now. Next is No. 6. Panic - No No No, it has to come down, I can't close now, look at how much I will lose. The balance is still up, It is not a loss if I do not close. And finally, my absolute favorite No. 7. Despair  Margin call, what is a margin call?, what happened to my positions? its all gone, its all gone....

I think a lot of us here turn to programming to remove the emotion from the equation. The EA doesn't care what the price is, it just does what it is told in the code. 

i like your theory , thats fine