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Is Forex market completely random and unpredictable?

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Samiul Alam
Samiul Alam 2016.10.20 00:28 
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anurag bhargava
anurag bhargava 2016.10.20 09:40  

no,not at all.

some things are quite obvious,u just have to be good observer.

and act smartly at the right time. 

niloufar mohamadi
niloufar mohamadi 2016.10.25 16:33  
Bernhard Schweigert
Bernhard Schweigert 2016.10.25 20:32  
the question is good but the vote result is not. of course it is not random you just need to look at the RIGHT things!
Mohammad Soubra
Mohammad Soubra 2016.10.25 21:04  
niloufar mohamadi:
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2016.10.25 22:01  

If forex was random then EURUSD would be 10$ today and$ tomorrow.

In reality price cycles around yesterday's and tomorrow's values, and sometimes revisits these values several times.

So it is anything but random, or random needs to be defined first, which sounds kinda illogical.

Ziheng Zhuang
Ziheng Zhuang 2016.10.26 05:27  

Absolutely not random,but if your trading is random,it absolutely results  in loss. 

Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2016.10.26 18:54  

Physics friend described these markets by their similarity to physics models. He used something like, "A vibrating rod hit by a hammer" to describe the various wave functions.

 I have a pretty solid indicator for support and resist lines that comes from fractals. It frequently will predict a post news support/resist line 300 pips from current price, within 2 pips accuracy. Within market ranges, it has similar accuracy but the situation is more conditional. If you look at level 2 market data from an ECN, you'll see that big traders will post 500 lot trades that only get partial fills. These people move the market on a minute by minute basis. One of the brokers I contracted for had a bug in their execution bridge, the retry on fail didn't detect a success properly, and they "randomly" moved the market about 80 pips with "way too many lots." They closed the trade at a profit and restarted the MT4 server bridge with a sharp kick.

Olga Kochergenko
Olga Kochergenko 2016.12.11 17:35  
There are some patterns that help to make a decision.
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