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Discussion of article "Neural network: Self-optimizing Expert Advisor"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2016.10.11 17:24 

New article Neural network: Self-optimizing Expert Advisor has been published:

Is it possible to develop an Expert Advisor able to optimize position open and close conditions at regular intervals according to the code commands? What happens if we implement a neural network (multilayer perceptron) in the form of a module to analyze history and provide strategy? We can make the EA optimize a neural network monthly (weekly, daily or hourly) and continue its work afterwards. Thus, we can develop a self-optimizing EA.

If we conduct a test with the following network structure: "10 input layer neurons, 35 first hidden layer neurons, 10 second hidden layer neurons and 1 output layer neuron", the script displays the following data during its execution:

Author: Jose Miguel Soriano

S_D Traders
S_D Traders 2016.10.28 12:54  

Hi and Thanks, it was great to see this self optimizer bu NN, 

How can I use this in MT4? do you have the MT4 version?   

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