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Discussion of article "Optimization. A Few Simple Ideas"

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New article Optimization. A Few Simple Ideas has been published:

The optimization process can require significant resources of your computer or even of the MQL5 Cloud Network test agents. This article comprises some simple ideas that I use for work facilitation and improvement of the MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester. I got these ideas from the documentation, forum and articles.

Having found a consistent strategy for the EA to trade, we launch it on the EURUSD chart, right? Can the strategy be more profitable on other currency pairs? Are there any other currency pairs on which the strategy will give better results without necessity to increase the lot in geometric progression?

What will happen if we choose EURUSD and the standard H1 timeframe and then, if we are not happy with the result, change it for EURJPY on H4?

Besides, if we have a 64 bit operation system, which allows us to stop worrying about the speed of testing the system, do we forget about ludicrous combinations of the trading system entry parameters, which take part in the complete enumeration during optimization and which results we have to neglect in the final reports?

I have solved these "minor issues" myself and in this article share the effective solutions. I appreciate though that there may be other more optimal solutions.

Author: Jose Miguel Soriano Trujillo

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