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geodepe 2016.09.20 04:10 


I know that high frequency notifications will fill and crash queue.

My use case is that I have 16 charts running on 1 minute chart and signals sometimes happen from multiple charts at once.

I know there is some limit on sending per second or minute, but it seems that the platform is not designed for fault tolerant recovery (i.e. when a fault happens e.g. too_many_messages). It should fail to send those messages in that time period but continue to function correctly when normal rate of messaging is restored.

Instead I get error Notifications: not enough space for notification ...

After this platform does not work any more to send notifications.

How do you clear the queue?

"Send less" is not an answer.

How do you clear the queue? e.g restart platform, clear config file, or call some function flush_queue?

It appears that restarting does clear queue, but is there a way to clear it programmatically?



bmkinyua 2017.01.06 02:35  

Hi George,


Did you ever get a solution (programatical) for this? I have the same problem 

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