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Are you consistent ?

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Guntoyo 2016.09.07 17:15 

(before it, i'm sorry about my english, i can't speak english, I use a translator for stringing sentences).


Many traders who say we should be consistent in trading , how consistent are they referring ?
are you already consistency in your trading ?

Can anyone share with me.

Petr Baskakov
Petr Baskakov 2016.09.08 02:39  
Have to be consecutive... are stable and constant.
Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.09.08 07:17  

Consistent is the word, like discipline, that means you need to have a trading plan and system to use in the markets to decide when to Buy, Sell, Hold, Stand Aside.  These are the only decisions we make.  To do this we have to look at the factors we think are important such as Open, High, Low, Close, Volume. This is the only information we have.  So consistent is how we look at the factors (usually using charts) and develop rules on how we enter and exit the market.  This is all... but it is a lot.

There are lots of free systems in the Market that will show you ways of looking at the market so you can develop your own trading style.  Beware of big promises of profits--most EAs loose money immediately and consistently.  On a DEMO account you can see how different systems approach the markets but maybe the only lessons you learn will be the horrible examples never to repeat. 

There are articles on this website and YouTube videos that talk about trading strategies and you can get an idea of how people trade from some of the discussions.

Don't start with spending money on paid EAs and indicators... Learn from the free stuff on a DEMO account first.

Ask a lot of questions and look at a lot of charts and try to understand the markets.

Good luck

biggie smalls
biggie smalls 2016.09.09 18:02  

I've been trading for a few years now and only in the past 6 months has my consistency (and strategy) become adequate to warrant the risks associated with trading with leverage. When it comes to accuracy exercising discretion is paramount. If you make one accurate trade each year, for instance betting on the Ukrainian Hryvna collapse, the Euro collapse and the Pound collapse consecutively over the past 3 years you could have managed some huge 100%+ annual gains without incurring a single loss. After growing more accurate and consistent begin placing trades more frequently to increase profit margins which could be the difference between generating a few stacks of cash per quarter and accumulating millions trading on leverage. I started a signal a few weeks ago and so far I have over 50 winning trades and only 6 losing trades (with a sub-3% drawdown) thanks to discretion when picking pairs and timing combined with a flexible strategy.

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