Signals Fee for Mql 5

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ali khan
ali khan  
If a Signal Provider Sell a signal with 36 usd how much he get paid in her/his Account
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
Rules of Using the Signals Service

V. Payments
  1. All payments shall be made in the internal payment system, hereinafter called the Payment System. The Payment system account is created automatically for every user upon registration on
  2. To subscribe to a selected Signals Source, the account shall have sufficient funds to cover the Subscription fee.
  3. Funds can be deposited into the internal Payment System through Gate2Shop, WebMoney, PayPal, NETTELLER and UnionPay. Earned funds can be withdrawn only through WebMoney and PayPal.
  4. The Subscriber's account is automatically charged for the Subscription fee for the entire subscription period in advance upon subscribing.
  5. The Signal Provider automatically receives the Subscriber’s fee for using the Signals in a week upon the Subscription period expiration.
  6. The Signals Provider shall receive the payment less 20% commission retained by the "Signals" service.
  7. Paid subscription canceled by Subscriber is not refunded.
  8. If the transmission of the Signal is terminated by the Provider, the reserved Subscribers' funds shall not be transferred to the Provider's account.
  9. In case of violation of "Signals" service Terms of Use, the Provider's account will be blocked and all financial transactions on it suspended.
  10. In case of any fraudulent activities and/or falsification of past trade results, the Provider's account will be blocked and funds received from the subscriptions will be returned to the buyers.
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