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EA robot vs signals - page 3

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Adrian Antohi
Adrian Antohi 2017.03.17 15:47  
There are a few more important aspects to consider beside feelings, such as:

using signals
- can't have multiple signals running in the same MT instance for a given time
- slippage might reduce the performance
- you align the trades with the signal provider trades

using robots
- you could use several robots in the same MT instance
- better trade execution
- your robot will trade with to the quotes that the broker is providing. In fact, this is the most important and I will talk a little bit more about my experience on it. I set my system, Future Simulator, to trade with different brokers (+use different servers from the same broker) to see if there are performance differences. The connectivity with the broker, server configuration, etc. was almost the same for broker account. The trades are not aligned! More surprisingly is that I had days when the performance had a variation of 50% or even more. On a monthly basis performance difference is lower as the winner is not always the same broker. I wonder if someone else experienced the same behavior?
Abdallah Yousef
Abdallah Yousef 2017.03.18 15:56  
Crihan Alexandru
Crihan Alexandru 2017.03.18 16:10  
Eko Rediantoro:

that depend your money if you use signal must more huge balance thats the trader. why? if the trader have huge drawdown small trader will die soon then the trader. thats :)

robot that depend the robot. bad robot bad gain. good robot good gain almost i see many mistake create the robot so no many gain or die

I preffer a good robot, than a good semnal.
pannystripes 2017.03.21 23:02  
Where can I get good EA's for MT5?
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2017.03.22 08:02  
Where can I get good EA's for MT5?

CodeBase (free EAs) or Market (free EAs or paid EAs) - to be selected by yourself sorry.
ROMAN 2017.03.22 20:11  
Christoph Nickels:

In my opinion it doesnt matter cuz both do losses.

I prefer the Robot, because there is no mental risks like hope or fantasy.

clear strategy with solid risk mmgt and high profit chance arethe true secret :)

Any suggestions which robots??? 
bud 01
bud 01 2017.03.23 20:52  
Jim Colton:

EAs are inherently dangerous. There are a lot of things an EA will do in live mode that are bad and it may not do them in a back test. You need to know it will not re open a position that just got stopped out over and over again. I have seen positions opened and then closed hundreds of times in one minute. That is a lot of spreads and slippage to cover. You need to consider if the EA will have a position open over the weekend or when the market is closed or when the traders you are relying on to make a signal profitable are on holiday.

Manual trading has pitfalls. You need to NEVER vary the size of your trade by your feelings about a particular set up and ALWAYS trade the size you back tested for. etc. 

An EA that can be trusted an easily notice trade setups and act on them 1000 times faster than following an indicator can.

The greatest benefit of trading with profitable EAs is that you can live your life in the world and not spend all day every day sitting at a screen being bored. If you can trade profitably at all you can trade more profitably with (Well designed and written) EAs. 

thanks that was an interesting post / read. 


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