Elliot Wave EA or indicator

phi nuts  

Do you think that Elliotwaes are the only real EA that predict almost real target? Do they have more predictability?

Do you know any elloitwaes EAs ?

Do you use indicators or EA? 

Google Elliot Waves software (www.google.com/search?q=elliott waves software). AFAIK, most elliott wave software out there is to assist manual trading, not fully automatic trading.

In mql5, there is ElliottWaveMaker. Check this also.

Well, it is in Russian. This wouldn't be such a problem if the fonts were right.
The problem is that i should switch windows to Cyrillic code page, but this is not possible/practical as i am using east european code page.

I am having this problem also in MetaEditor. I don't see correct fonts, even if i choose the cyrillic script.
This should work, because if i try this from e.g. ultraedit, it works.

Any solutions? 

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