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unable to wd fund

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Joshua Ibiyemi
Joshua Ibiyemi 2016.05.17 18:34 
I fund to buy an item but find out its fake and i want to wd the fund back but unable, i have sent email, send email to support and here no reply please will someone help me, i need to wd the fund for my project, i was been told i dont earn and i dont earn before i fund
Mohammad Soubra
Mohammad Soubra 2016.05.17 18:45  
Try to withdraw via PayPal
Joshua Ibiyemi
Joshua Ibiyemi 2016.05.17 19:22  
all disabled
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Rozana Sustar
Rozana Sustar 2016.05.17 19:33  
You can only withdraw earned money. What you have deposited, cannot be withdrawn. 
Joshua Ibiyemi
Joshua Ibiyemi 2016.05.17 19:49  
Joshua Ibiyemi
Joshua Ibiyemi 2016.05.17 19:54  
i have been scam in this place by programmer who is dump and products tht doesnt workso i am withdrawing my money, no rule that state your funded money will never be return unless this place has become scam website
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.05.17 20:11  
You can read this part of the article. Payment System Payment System
  • 2011.07.06
  • MetaQuotes Software Corp.
  • built-in services offer great opportunities both to MQL5 developers and ordinary traders with no programming skills. But, all these features cannot be implemented without an in-house secure payment system that provides a convenient basis for settlements between buyers and sellers. In this article, we will show how the payment system works.
Joshua Ibiyemi
Joshua Ibiyemi 2016.05.17 20:25  
none of specified, im waiting for them, im not using programmer here for my job and im using someone else to pay my service outside here so i need to wd via means it was deposited by wmz
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2016.05.17 20:37  

3. Withdraw from Account

Warning: there is a set of conditions which might prevent withdrawal.

The problem The solution
No earned money on the account Start earning with services
Withdrawal is allowed not more often than once per twenty-four hours Wait for twenty-four hours and try withdrawal again
No Verified User status Register as a seller
Discordance of payment systems when depositing and withdrawing Use the payment system (WebMoney, PayPal or ePayments only), which was used when you deposited to your account for the first time, when withdrawing
Financial operations are blocked Please contact Service Desk to solve this problem users can deposit to their accounts in several different ways. However, withdrawal is possible for quite a few of them! In addition, the fraud protection system does not allow to transfer funds from one payment system to another using the website as an intermediary.

You can not withdraw what you deposited.

Mitsubishi4arab 2016.05.17 21:03  

Not fair to be unable to withdraw the money

<edited by moderator : please watch your language>.

Rinor Memeti
Rinor Memeti 2016.05.17 23:44  
Just buy Products with paypal amount. Never had a problem with it. You dont need to deposit.

With neteller you are just able to deposit. Not to withdraw.

My recommendation: Use paypal ;)
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