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Automated-Trading 2015.07.22 16:48 


Bollinger Bands indicator with sound and email alerts. Whenever the current closing price passes over the outside upper or lower band of the Bollinger, it will play a WAV sound and can be used as an audio alert indicator.

Author: SearchSurf

SearchSurf 2015.07.24 10:50  

There it is...  version 2 (see the current attached files) ... problem on delay fixed, delay time for sound was removed, better execution of wav files.... and yes... it can send email alert :)    

To make the sound work, the default WAV name on the compiled code is "UpperBandAlert.wav" and "LowerBandAlert.wav", these two should appear on your MT5 default folder ( c:/Program Files/<yourMT5folder>/Sound/ ).  Create or find an audio wav sound for the alert on both, and name/rename it as named on the compiled code.

There are lot of free Email SMTP provider these days, ask for their SMTP port or search it on the internet.

Have fun. 

Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez 2015.11.22 03:53  

Hi, I just saw your indicator, and it is just what Im looking for, Thanks!

Is there any possibility to add an arrow whenever it hit the bollinger band UP/DOWN ?

Thanks for your time  

SearchSurf 2015.11.29 22:11  

 This is the simplest way I could think of to add the arrow on this indicator... 

 The current published file above is now the updated version 3,  edited already to include the arrow-display option.

 @L.Gomez:  I believe this is what you want the arrow to be for... Hope it helps.


Automated Trading and Strategy Testing
Automated Trading and Strategy Testing
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Daniel Osuna de la Rosa
Daniel Osuna de la Rosa 2015.12.03 10:29  
Very useful the alerts!!! Thanks
SearchSurf 2015.12.08 06:39  

I found some error while using version3.1 (mybolsalertv3), arrows spreads out all over the graph if it was enabled then disabled and moved around timeframe to another.  I missed out one important factor on the process, sorry...

You may use now the current attached file above, with the published filename MyBOLsAlert_V32, this is the latest updated version, arrow graph errors already fixed on this one.

clemmo 2016.09.24 02:18  
I guess this won't work with MT4?
SearchSurf 2016.10.30 16:38  
I guess this won't work with MT4?
Yup, it's for MT5 only, some of the MT5 code functions doesn't work on Mt4.
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