Getting Publisher to send DetailedStatement.htm with Graph...


Is there any way or option that will allow you to choose to FTP up a DETAILED statement with the equity curve graph instead of the default statement.htm??

Thank you!
Just replace file statement.htm with statementdetailed.htm
No, you misunderstand my question. I know that I can manually upload a detailedstatement.htm. I need to know if there is a way to have MT4 automatically upload and refresh from the Publisher function. At the current time, only the regular statement.htm option is available for automatic publishing. Is there a way to override this default to select a detailed statement for automatic publishing?

Thank you and my apologies if my question was unclear. :o)
In other words rename the statement.htm template in StatementDetailed.htm template. There are these files in MetaTrader 4\templates folder. Try do such.
Thank you very much, Rosh and Metaquotes! That is EXACTLY the answer I needed. My apologies, I was misunderstanding MetaQuotes' response.

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You're welcome.
Hello Rosh,

I would like to add one more piece of information to the Statement.htm template. I want to add comments, the same ones that are shown when I "Save A Report" in the AccountHistory tab. What would I call in the placeholder? For example the template code shows that it pulls the account number with <!--ACCOUNT--> and the Profits with <!--PROFIT-->

I tried using <!--COMMENT--> and <!--COMMENTS--> and <!--CLOSED_COMMENT--> but those did not work.

I also tried removing this line, <!--NOCOMMENTS--> but that also did not help. What is this line for anyways?

If you could give me the proper variable/name that would be great. Also if by any chance you have a list of other variables that could be pulled into a statement that would even be better.

I noticed that the naming convention is not the same as those in the mq4 language.

Thanks in Advance,

I finally found my answer. Let's hope it works this time.

"statement publisher with column Comment?"


I tried your suggestion in the above link and like pit73, it did not work for me. Do you have any other variable names I could use?

How does the platform pull the comment information when it is saving a report?

I don't know. In my case it worked.