Extract Profit From Strategy Tester

Warrick Robin Clarke  

Hi Guys,

I'm probably missing something really basic but I can't find out to export the Profit column from the Strategy Tester report.

I'd like to analyse the results from an EA. It's not my own EA so I can't export the data to csv.

I can see the profit column if I right click on the on the results tab and select Deals (see attached) but when I export the results I only get the report shown in the image, which doesn't have the profit column.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can read the backtest content using the library. Example.
TesterReport - ощути всю мощь MT5-тестера в один клик!
TesterReport - ощути всю мощь MT5-тестера в один клик!
  • 2021.11.22
  • www.mql5.com
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