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Automated Trading Championship 2011: One Month before the Registration Deadline

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.08.24 19:53 

Registration for the Automated Trading Championship 2011 has entered its final stage - automatic tests of submitted Expert Advisors have started. However, most of Expert Advisors have not passed automatic testing yet. Moreover, there are participants, whose personal details are incomplete or filled in incorrectly. Therefore, once again we would like you to pay attention to the following important points.

One Month before the Registration Deadline

Filling Personal Data

  • Your profile has the "Issue/expiration date" field in the ID document related section. Usually ID documents have an issue date. However, in some countries they may have only an expiration date instead. If the issue date is specified in your document, please enter this date in the above field; otherwise please enter the expiration date.
  • ZIP Code is a required field, and registration will not be confirmed unless this box is filled. ZIP code is the postal code of your area, and not a telephone code - please be careful when filling in this box.
  • Any questions arising in the process of verifying participant's details, are published in the profile of this user. However, some of participants ignore these questions. Please note that such ignorance is a ground for your registration refusal.
There is still one more month for registering in the ATC 2011. Here are some preliminary results: 1650 people have submitted their applications, but only 650 of them have passed the personal details checking stage.

You can read the full text of the article on the Championship site - One Month before the Registration Deadline.

The Automated Trading Championship 2011 is sponsored by MIG Bank, Go Markets and Vantage FX. The media sponsor is Forex-TSD.

Karlis Balcers
Karlis Balcers 2011.08.29 19:00  

I have question regarding rule IV.6 - "The maximum combined amount of positions and pending orders' lots, regardless of the direction on one symbol, is 15."

Everyone knows, we can do like this:

BUY EURUSD 5.00 lots

BUY EURUSD 5.00 lots

BUY EURUSD 5.00 lots


TOTAL: 15.00 lots of EURUSD in one position.



1) Will I be able to modify SL and TP for this Position? Because we need to use OrderSend() function with  MqlTradeRequest where Volume equals 15.00. I'm wondering if there will not be any complications.

2) When I close, should I call

SELL EURUSD 5.00 lots

SELL EURUSD 5.00 lots

SELL EURUSD 5.00 lots


SELL EURUSD 15.00 lots




Documentation on MQL5: Trade Functions / OrderSend
Trade Functions / OrderSend - Documentation on MQL5
balazs321 2011.09.02 18:16  

I'm interested in the same as tsaktuo. If my balance has the ammount, could I open a position with a volume of 15 right on the first day, first trade? I checked the rules for last year and they are the same. Last year's several contestant's EA traded with lots like 15 for multiple times: or So is it allowed as well this year? 

balazs321 2011.09.03 14:26  
Jinsong Zhang
Jinsong Zhang 2011.09.06 11:22  

 1 errors:  expert takes too long time (more than 20 minutes)


If the testing of an Expert Advisor takes more than 20 minutes, it will not pass the check due to excessive consumption of resources.

The rule  is unfair for Multi pairs EA!

if only one pair spend 5 minutes, so if an EA trade 6 pairs, it could be spend 5*6=30 minutes


please, modify the rule!!! 

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