New member purchases [product name removed].


Good day,

I purchased the [product name removed] yesterday. In the instructions, I am to take a screenshot of my purchase and send it to ??? No name or address was given. I am suppose to dm someone, but the instructions are not clear. Is this the correct forum? If not, could you direct me accordingly?



Who instructed you to do that? Was it the seller?

I see now that on the product description it states ...

After purchase the EA, please send us a private message with a screenshot of your purchase confirmation. Go to the Purchases tab and take a screenshot. After you confirm, we'll send you the manual and a link to a Telegram group where our support and other users will help you with all the settings and you can talk about this EA.

Such practices are against the Market rules. All instructions and documentation needs to be provided publicly either on the description or via a blog post here on the website with requiring the user to request it. Requesting the buyer to contact them in private, obtaining their contact information is in violation to the market rules.

Please click on the "Complain" link and report this malpractice and violation of the rules.

EDIT: I have asked another moderator to pass this information onto the admin to look into the situation.