Theoretical Question: Long, Short, Position Size, Hedging

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I have some theoretical questions about the MQL5 language as I am just starting out: 

1) is it possible to create an EA that opens separate Long and Short positions at the same time? Example opening a Long and a Short at the same price.

2) Is it possible to open several positions and manage them differently in the same robot? Example Pyramider, different TP and SL, Relicat, ..... for the same position

3) Is it possible for two EA to communicate with each other? For example, is it possible to automatically retrieve values from one EA and transmit them to another EA?

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1) Yes, that is possible. (Keep in mind Ask and Bid price difference however).

2) Yes, that is possible as well. You can for instance identify trades using a different magic number for each strategy you have in the same EA.

3) Yes, using common files, especially written ones. There might be other ways of doing so, but the latter is what I know about.

ZeroCafeine Example opening a Long and a Short at the same price.

Martingale is not a strategy. It's a betting system.

Hedging, grid trading, same as Martingale.
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Martingale, guaranteed to blow your account eventually. If your strategy is not profitable without, it is definitely not profitable with.
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Why it won't work:
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          THIS Trading Strategy is a LIE... I took 100,000 TRADES with the Martingale Strategy - YouTube (2020)

The answer to all your questions is a vivid yes

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There is only one strategy that works for sure with the martingale and that is to have infinite funds, even Berni didn't make martingales 😊,

Again, thank you for your links, but unfortunately I will not consult them because this is not the subject and for lack of time 😊

Otherwise more seriously, if you had links with examples to my questions I would be delighted 😊


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Sorry for my question but what is mean vivid ?