Looking for Multiple Open Trade EA


Hello all,

Is it possible to have an EA that opens more short/long trades while there are positions already opened to the same direction? I.e. if you're long/short, can an EA add to the long/short position with Same Lot, SL and TP?

Multiple order should be opened after some time GAP, Like Multiple trade open time after 20 second.

Please help.

Thank you.

nany purwanti
nany purwanti  

Yes of course, it is very possible because i've had those such EA. But its danger for our balance. If you use huge balance it will be oke.

I've tried it on Liteforex broker using quite little balance and it makes me worry. Then I change EA that adopting hedge, multiple and scalp strategy. its great working on Liteforex broker. I like it so much.