I need a plugin that makes it impossible to change a once set Stop Loss


Hello, is there something like this?

Whenever i open a trade and set my stop loss, i want it to be fix so that i cannot change it.

It would psychologically help me, so that i am not even tempted to change it and increase losses...

thanks your your help

  1. No. The Human controls the machine.
  2. Grow some discipline.
I agree with what William said.

However, if you really want to do that, I believe your only alternative is to check OnTradeTransaction if you have modified a stoploss for a second time or more, and automatically force the moving of the stoploss in a global while loop (OnTick).

But, as William said, the Human controls the machine. If you can’t stay on a stoploss you set yourself, you’ll just turn off the EA / Script and change it. Therefore, you have no point in doing such a script, except maybe for programming training which does not seem to be your objective.
Need help to control your self (joke) .take it easy бра́т
Best solution would be "don't use stop loss".

Use financial variation and positionClose to close orders when certain financial variation is reached. This way you won't see it and consequently won't be able to change it graphically.

Pablo Jaguanharo Carvalho Pinheiro #: Best solution would be "don't use stop loss".

And if the terminal looses connection, you have infinite risk and can blow your account.


No matter what the plugin could be you would always have a bypass.

If it were an ea on a chart you'd close the chart.

If it were a more "violent" controller that would render the terminal inaccessible you would log in via your phone and change the stops.

Just ask yourself why the next time you want to widen your stops . 

Take a notebook (not the movie) and be aware of it . Like the moment you want to change your stop , do , but ask yourself why and write it down before you do.

When you are even headed you will read what you have written and it will look ridiculous.You will then open the chart at that trade , look at what preceeded what followed and what you wrote down.Now you can learn something directly related to widening the stops.

So then the next time you want to do it give yourself a reward if you don't and if you have a habit you are dependent on (smoking drinking etc) do not indulge while managing the trade.

To explain if you are a smoker -veered waaay off here sorry but listen- and you are anxiously puffing nicotine while you are managing the trade , and you make a decision to change the stop loss you are rewarding that behavior in your brain . Your brain is a machine , tune it.

Then you reward not changing the stops , you remove one reason you tend to do so . Now there may be more reasons so don;t be dissapointed when you detected a new urge to adjust something , but keep logging