Debugging EA's


Hi,  I am new to mql5, but I did a few programs in c++ many years ago.  I am curious,  when back testing an EA,  is there the facility to pause, or step through segments of code, so that the state of variables can be checked, and if things aren't the way I had hoped, exit the back test so that I am not having to walk through code on a three year data set, every time it goes through the  OnTick() function?

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I think someone posted the above links, thanks so I had a look and I noticed a few things.

1  There is no debug option in the menus on my MetaTerminal only file, view, Insert, Charts, Tools, Window, Help.

2  My settings tab looks like this, with none of the options for debug at the top.

3 I can double click on the grey bit on the side to the code, and it leaves a little marker like the ones in the above links, but the code just ignores it and won't stop.

Any further thoughts?


  1. I using Ububntu Linux,  and running mt5 in wine.  Could I have installed a dud?  Personally I would have no way of knowing because this is the first time I have ever had Mt5, so I wouldn't know what a good one looks like.  But it is staring to look like there is a lot of stuff missing.

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    I made a mistake, I was looking in the wrong place, my mistake,  I was looking in the terminal instead of the editor. I assumed those things would be in the terminal where I have been running and testing things so I may be able to work through it.  I'm not sure if the links were posted by an AI or a human. but thanks anyhow.