Where to begin with learning MQL5?

I've recently built a strategy, but constantly checking charts for the right signals and controlling SL/TP is simply not an efficient use of my time. Also, missing out on a lot of trades because scanning that many instruments and performing proper multi-timeframe analysis is simply not possible.

I'd like to learn MQL5, code my strategy, and completely automate how I approach trades.

I started reading the MQL5 reference handbook, but it doesn't feel like the greatest place to start learning, more like something I'll refer to later.

So, can anyone offer any learning resources or methods for studying MQL5?

I also have prior C++ experience. MQL5 is simply unclear to me based on the instructions.

Thank You.

There are step by step guides on this site, both indicators and experts ... look at the "articles" page.
Learn MQL5 coding step by step from MQL5 own documentation - https://www.mql5.com/en/docs
MQL5 Reference - How to use algorithmic/automated trading language for MetaTrader 5
MQL5 Reference - How to use algorithmic/automated trading language for MetaTrader 5
  • www.mql5.com
MQL5 Reference - How to use algorithmic/automated trading language for MetaTrader 5

MQL5 Cookbook Series of Articles ... https://www.mql5.com/en/search#!keyword=mql5%20cookbook&module=mql5_module_articles

Other articles ...


Step-By-Step Guide to writing an Expert Advisor in MQL5 for Beginners

Samuel Olowoyo, 2010.06.09 11:37

The Expert Advisors programming in MQL5 is simple, and you can learn it easy. In this step by step guide, you will see the basic steps required in writing a simple Expert Advisor based on a developed trading strategy. The structure of an Expert Advisor, the use of built-in technical indicators and trading functions, the details of the Debug mode and use of the Strategy Tester are presented.


Creating an EA that works automatically (Part 01): Concepts and structures

Daniel Jose, 2023.02.15 16:04

Today we'll see how to create an Expert Advisor that simply and safely works in automatic mode.

Books ...

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Something Interesting to Read

Sergey Golubev, 2017.09.16 05:48

Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 5

This book will teach you the following concepts:

  • Learn the basics of MQL5, including variables and data types, operators, functions, event handlers, and object-oriented programming.
  • Place, modify and close market and pending orders.
  • Calculate, verify and add stop loss and take profit prices to an open position.
  • Add a flexible trailing stop and/or break even stop to your strategy.
  • Manage your trade risk with money management.
  • Use pending orders to scale in and out of positions.
  • Use price, time and indicator data in your expert advisors.
  • Control program execution by trading on new bar open, and add flexible trade timers to your strategies.
  • Walk through the creation of several basic trading strategies from start to finish.
  • Inform the user with dialog boxes, email alerts, mobile notifications and sounds.
  • Draw trend lines, arrows and text labels on the chart.
  • Read and write data to CSV files.
  • Learn the basics of creating indicators, scripts and libraries in MetaEditor.
  • Debug, test and optimize your trading strategy.
  • And much more!

Whether you’re an experienced programmer moving from MQL4, or a novice just starting with MQL5, this book will give you the foundation to quickly program fully-featured and robust trading systems.

Thank You

I'm in the same boat as you except with no real programming experience but still a nerd. I found the documentation and articles to be... very tiresome, let's just say. So I got some cheap Udemy courses on MQL5 basics, indicators, expert advisors, to walk through the basic stuff on video. Best thing I ever did. Now I'm finding it progressively easier to understand/parse the documentation/articles, I've already examined and modified some indicators, and I'm actually shocked at how easy certain things are, though I'm still bracing myself for the inevitable wall of horrible problems trying to get things to work later :D

Probably the best thing is that it's getting easier and easier for me to look at code and understand the logic and mechanisms. The video courses just really helped overcome the initial intimidation and cluelessness.