Manual trading vs Automated trading - an open discussion - page 4

Rodger Sen  
Scott Allen #:

And if you think your "system" can't be coded into an algorithm, then it's really not a system yet. "Discretionary" = "Arbitrary"

There are many reason a trader may not be able to code. For example i share you my problem. When we code a pattern system, we know that a pattern need to be made,

A pattern may have following points to be coded

1. Fib ratios

2. Waves e.g. AB and BC and CD

Now if we code wave AB and use ZigZag, it always does not work nicely. Reason is sometime a pattern is made on Extdepth 144, but sometime a pattern is made within Extdepth 8

so how would you code your system to study all Extdepth and find out in which actual extdepth the pattern is being made? Such problem can be considered in the optimization part and until these are resolved, All coding and development of any system will result in failure only.

so i agree, if you are making money manually, its possible that you will start losing money if you code your system and skip optimization which is a very lengthy process 

Abdul Barrud Darovi  
1. What about fundamental Analysis?  Is this important?  So far I have not found a need.  As anyone done something with this and had success?

in my opinion,

I really believe that the economic news that traders often see is only intended to lead public opinion to take certain actions. too many factors to be taken into account in fundamental analysis, it makes me speculate. the only thing i trust is technical analysis. especially on patterns in the market. because we can backtasted it in some period of time. The only thing I care about fundamental analysis is the time the news is released.