Use custom input to optimizer


Hi, im trying to optimize some EA, and i want to use the output of one EA as the input of the second. 

For example, think in EMA, in first optimizer I use 5 to 20, 1 by 1, and got 6 8 15 and 17

How can i use that info as input for another EA (instead of trying again from 5 to 20)?

Obviously, there are hundreds of results to be passed, not onlu 3-4 hehe.

My plan is to export results as xml, edit it ito delete unwanted values, and pass it as array or something else to the EA.

Is it possible? how?


To be fast the tester starts parallel threads as much as possible. But you can try to write files in the common folder which can be read in OnInit() even though this will interfere with the variation of the input values by the tester in an optimization. On the other hand the genetic optimization uses in general successful value sets for the next generation (optimization pass).

Yeah.. genetic is very good...

But is there any way to tell the optimizer in genetic, something like:

"run this EA in january to march, and those which get this and this result, use them from april to august and then, this and this, use them in september to december"?