Little help finding an obscure colour buffer


usually with coloured indicators (simpler ones) i'm able to find the buffer just fine but with this one i'm having problems any help would be appreciated.

I thought it would be BullMarket>0 and BearMarket>0 respectively which i got from the alerts section but apparently not because it opens trades during other periods (grey etc) as well and starting long before the colour change, trying to add this to an ea i want to open trades when buy=Blue Sell=Red.

Again any help would be appreciated.

Ravayen: Again any help would be appreciated.

Help you with what? You haven't stated a problem, you stated a want. Show us your attempt (using the CODE button) and state the nature of your difficulty.
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Or pay someone. Top of every page is the link Freelance.
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We're not going to code it for you (although it could happen if you are lucky or the issue is interesting).
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I thought i had clearly stated what i was after, someone who could more clearly see which buffer i would use because i seemed to be wrong.

I didn't ask anyone to code anything for me (it's literally in the title) but regardless of that rather snippy reply (that clearly didn't read the post) it would seem i was right about the buffer after all and simply needed to change >0 to =1 and that seems to have solved my issue.

I'll be sure to ask for help somewhere else from now on sorry for disturbing you.


Follow these lines (373 - 378) of the indicator (NO EA, so no trading, only signals):

         if(BullMarket[shift-1] > 0 && BullMarket[shift-1] != EMPTY_VALUE && BullMarket[shift-2] == EMPTY_VALUE && Time[0] != prevAlertTime) {Alert(message + "Bull Market Begins!"    ); prevAlertTime = Time[0];}   
         if(BearMarket[shift-1] > 0 && BearMarket[shift-1] != EMPTY_VALUE && BearMarket[shift-2] == EMPTY_VALUE && Time[0] != prevAlertTime) {Alert(message + "Bear Market Begins!"    ); prevAlertTime = Time[0];}   
         if(Correction[shift-1] > 0 && Correction[shift-1] != EMPTY_VALUE && Correction[shift-2] == EMPTY_VALUE && Time[0] != prevAlertTime) {Alert(message + "Correction Begins!"     ); prevAlertTime = Time[0];}   
         if(BearRally [shift-1] > 0 && BearRally [shift-1] != EMPTY_VALUE && BearRally [shift-2] == EMPTY_VALUE && Time[0] != prevAlertTime) {Alert(message + "BearRally  Begins!"     ); prevAlertTime = Time[0];}   
         if(Choppy    [shift-1] > 0 && Choppy    [shift-1] != EMPTY_VALUE && Choppy    [shift-2] == EMPTY_VALUE && Time[0] != prevAlertTime) {Alert(message + "Choppy Market Begins!"  ); prevAlertTime = Time[0];}   
         if(Sideways  [shift-1] > 0 && Sideways  [shift-1] != EMPTY_VALUE && Sideways  [shift-2] == EMPTY_VALUE && Time[0] != prevAlertTime) {Alert(message + "Sideways Market Begins!"); prevAlertTime = Time[0];}   

@Carl Schreiber thank you for the helpful reply.

That is the alert section i took the initial buffer from so it was where i thought it was, changing my ea to use =1 instead of >0 seems to have worked using the buffers (Bullmarket and BearMarket) but for the life of me i cant see why lol.

I clearly have some learning still to do when it comes to reading some of the more complex indicators, do you happen to see why =1 worked instead of >0 i cant seem to find where the indicator sets the buffer to 1.0.

Either way my problem has already been fixed (i think) but would love to learn what i was missing.