Disconnected agent from MQL5 servers



I am attempting to use the MQL5 Strategy tester cloud to do some testing and I also have my computer registered on the cloud for others to use.   However I am not connected to the cloud for some reason. 

I used to use the cloud network a lot but for some reason it  is now disconnected. 

Using the cloud agents to do testing

When I want to do some testing I want to use the MQL5 cloud network.  Within the strategy tester i go to agent ->  right click on "mql5 Cloud network" -> And select "Use MQL5 cloud network".   But   nothing happens.  I request the use of the network but it does not work. 

Registered Agents from my computer.

When I check the status of my computer on the MQL5 cloud network I expect to see 12 agents ready for other people to use.     I open the "Strategy Tester Agent Manager"   - select the tab "Services"  and I can see a list of my core cpu's that should be available on the network.   However they all say "disconnected".   See attached.

Is the network down for some reason?   This has been an issue for the last week or so. 

Any help would be great. 


mql5_servers.png  154 kb

I am having the same issue.

I turned off all firewalls & still the same thing.

There seems to be a lack of support with the cloud network. I searched all last nite for a remedy & couldn't find one.