Signal: Lot size Issue

Hello, I am having issues with the system that does the conversion.

My signal provider has a $500 and I have a funded account of $50,000. However, since I registered the system has been using very small size, lot size of a $500 account and this is not being replicated onto my account. Any help on that!

0.21 and 0.16 are not small lot size.
By the way, you xan calculate it by yourself using this example from the article:

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Signal not copying full lots

Sergey Golubev, 2018.10.19 16:40

You can calculate your lot size using the following example (from General information on Trading Signals for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 article):

Let's consider a specific example of using the volumes management system:

  1. Provider: balance 15 000 USD, leverage 1:100
  2. Subscriber1: balance 40 000 EUR, leverage 1:200, deposit load percentage 50%
  3. Subscriber2: balance 5 000 EUR, leverage 1:50, deposit load percentage 35%
  4. EURUSD exchange rate = 1.2700

Calculation of Provider's and Subscriber's position volumes ratio:

  1. Balances ratio considering specified part of the deposit in percentage terms:
    Subscriber1: (40 000 * 0,5) / 15 000 = 1,3333 (133.33%)
    Subscriber2: (5 000 * 0,35) / 15 000 = 0,1166 (11.66%)
  2. After considering the leverages:
    Subscriber1: the leverage of Subscriber1 (1:200) is greater than Provider's one (1:100), thus correction on leverages is not performed
    Subscriber2: 0,1166 * (50 / 100) = 0,0583 (5.83%)
  3. After considering currency rates of the deposits at the moment of calculation:
    Subscriber1: 1,3333 * 1,2700 = 1,6933 (169.33%)
    Subscriber2: 0,0583 * 1,2700 = 0,0741 (7.41%)
  4. Total percentage value after the rounding (performed using a multistep algorithm):
    Subscriber1: 160% or 1.6 ratio
    Subscriber2: 7% or 0.07 ratio

Thus under the given conditions, Provider's deal with volume of 1 lot will be copied: 

- to Subscriber1 account in amount of 160% -  volume of 1.6 lots

- to Subscriber2 account in amount of 7% -  volume of 0.07 lots


calculation the lotsize of a signal:

Beside that in your journal log should be a small calculation of the lot size when you have connected your account with the signal. Check it.

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How to Start with Metatrader 5 - How to subscribe to a MΤ4 trading signal with images
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The lot size is copied automatically and proportionally to your account's balance, levarage and currency.

Check your terminal's or MQL5 VPS's journal for the copying ratio calculations.

Also make sure that you use the maximum 95% participation in signals settings.