The Complete Turtle Trader

Fernando Carreiro  
GumarSafin: Have you read the complete turtle trader bu Mickel Covel?

Yes, but I prefer the more faithful and complete rules as explained by Curtis M. Faith.

  • The Original Turtle Trading Rules — Fighting the scams, frauds and charlatans (Curtis M. Faith) [2003 v1,]
  • Inside the Mind of the Turtles — How the World's Best Traders Master Risk (Curtis M. Faith) [2009, McGraw-Hill]
  • Way of the Turtle — The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders (Curtis M. Faith) [2007, McGraw-Hill]
GumarSafin: Does it work?

Yes it does, but there are caveats. It does not work on just any market or asset. Like any other strategy, you have to use it on the right market conditions.

It works better on daily and higher time-frames, but if can some times work on lower time-frames if the underlaying conditions have strong tenancies to trend for long periods of time.

I suggest you create an EA to faithfully reproduce the strategy, and then test it yourself on various markets, assets and conditions so you can draw your own conclusions.

Stefano Cocconi  

I tried to schedule their operation to see if it was still profitable, but sadly that doesn't work so well anymore.

I also tried to find out and this strategy worked very well during the time they used it, but then over the years it became obsolete.

There is certainly a lot to learn from them as traders for the discipline with which they executed orders and their incredible respect for the rules, things that made them the best traders of the time.

We try to learn their discipline and mindset rather than their strategies that worked many years ago.

Daniel Cioca  
you have to use it on the right market conditions.

I love this explanation… 😁