Trade Assistant MT5 - lisence issue !!!


Hi everyone ,

I have recently rented out the trade assitant mt5 and just over the weekend something has happened to it and the seller is no longer available nor is the trade assitant. So what is happening to me at the moment is that i am getting an error message on my mt5 stating that my license is invalid.

I belive that whomever had purchased it is ok to use it and have no issues with it but I am having problems propbably because it was a rental  and not purchased. I only had it for like 2 weeks or so and i never got a chance to learn to use it properly. I really really want to get the full version but i cant seem to find it anywhere.

Please if anyone can help me find a full version so I can purchase it !!!!

If anyone has another source for it I will be very very greatfull.

FAO : MQL5 :  Is it possible for a refund on this product as i only had it for under 2 weeks and now it is not available?  Please advise. I cant find the owner/seller so I am unable to get in touch. 

I await for any good advice and info from you all, 

Best regards to all ,  Dave ;)


Read the rules.. e.g. this here:

We can't help in any monetary things.

Rules of Using the Market Service
Rules of Using the Market Service
General Provisions and Conditions of Use service Market
The product is available and back in the Market.
Eleni Anna Branou #:
The product is available and back in the Market.

Yes I can see this now , very strange that it had disapeared for a few days without any notice but its all good now.   Thank you for the reply , I had to reinstal it again and start from fresh.