Help Me Please!

Salar Jafarzadeh  
Hello dear support.

My account number 2159448 on AMarkets-Real broker.
At 08:46:35 on 27/08/2022 I had a 0.03 sell order #13144869 on BTCUSD which was closed due to a technical problem from my broker. Despite I had a stop-loss on 21818, the broker unintentionally closed the ticket for the reason that it was a technical from their side. They sent an e-mail, apologised for the occurrence and recovered the position and asset. The problem is, they could not remove the record from my history. So I had all my history ruined by their technical issue. So, I would really be thankful If you kindly remove what happened from my account and I get my previous records back. I can provide more information If you ask to.

Sincerely yours.
Eleni Anna Branou  

Contact your broker, we can't help you here.

This is a private matter between you and your broker.