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Alejandro Rodriguez Torres
Alejandro Rodriguez Torres 2015.04.14 06:58 

What is the chance of getting a refund from a bad signal?

I noticed that you don't easyly get refunds from the bad signal services, but i also read on the reviews that a lot of people ask for a refund. Is there any refund policy?

The signal is inactive for 5 days right now, from my point of view this is acceptable for a refund! What do you think?

I can accept that a margin call is my problem and my risk and a big drawdown too, but an inactive signal that cant be used after subscription... because the user got a margin call and then he topped his account and the leverage to "try" to save the stats of the signal... i don't think that is acceptable. 

Alejandro Rodriguez Torres
Alejandro Rodriguez Torres 2015.04.17 16:59  

Too bad they deal with customers like this, it's not a good service.

So guys... if the signal does not work you won't get a refund, you will lose your money and you will have to wait, the signal provider will do what he wants with your money.

So if you want to earn money, dont follow a signal but just make one and don't mantain it, easy money.

mohammad shafiq
mohammad shafiq 2015.04.17 17:15  
Before subscribing to a a signal you should take care in checking the signal providers starting balance- If it is low then you should question why a trader who has such a good signal is only prepared to put in a small amount of his/her money. Also make sure you understand how cent accounts work- I notice a lot of the signal providers use cent accounts - mt4 shows their balance in cents not dollars- on mql5 a signal with a cent broker that shows a starting balance of 1000 dollars is really only 10 dollars.
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