refund from MQL5 balance

hello Why does the MQL5 service not allow me to withdraw money for those products that I did not like? After doing a more detailed analysis and chatting in the seller's closed group, I decided to return the EA and get my money back. EA has not been activated. MQL5 allows you to withdraw only earned money back from your MQL5 balance. I am not a seller of indicators, advisors, signals, with the help of which money is earned. I am a buyer, I only buy goods or services. If I won't be able to withdraw my money back, what will I be able to do with my money in the MQL5 service if I don't like any of the products here? And if I don't know how, I can't or don't want to trade here? What do I need to do to get the money back to the account from which I paid for the EA?

If you haven't activated a purchase you can cancel it here and take a refund in your MQL5 account, that option is only available for 7 days after your puchase.