Ichimoku Chikouspan Probelm


I noticed something strange thinks When I try to get the value of the Chikouspan 26 bars before. It only works in live mode correct.

But not in the backtester. In Backtester i get strange Values.

I use this Code for geting the Value :

if(CopyBuffer(Ichimoku_handle_Long, CHIKOUSPAN_LINE, 26, 200, Ichimoku_Chikou_Long) <= 0)


ArraySetAsSeries(Ichimoku_Chikou_Long, true);

Print("Ichumuko Chiku_0 = ",Ichimoku_Chikou_Long[0]);

Print("Ichumuko Chiku_1 = ",Ichimoku_Chikou_Long[1]);

Has enyone the same Problem ?

How can i get the correct Value for the Chikouspan Line 26 Bars bevor ?

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Testing trading strategies on real ticks
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William Roeder
William Roeder  
  1. ASAS before filling, as the example shows.

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