Problem with copying the signal, everything does not enter...



we are taking the trader "CAD trader" on MT4.

We have the copying set up on the online server, however when we compare the trades with mql4 and our MT4 platform, the trades do not match.

At the same time, we have copytrading set to demo.

Why aren't all our stores being copied, could this be a glitch?

(copying set to 95% of account)



If it is related to MQL5 signal service (for MT4 in your case) so you can check the subscription procedure (just in case you missed something):

How to Subscribe to MT4 Signal - instructions

As to missing trades so you can look at Metatrader journal/logs (or at MQL5 VPS journal/logs in case you are using MQL5 VPS).
Because if the trade is missed so it should be written about which trade was missed and why.
Most likely - it is about mapping (read post where I collected everything related to mapping).