MT5 App Phantom Trade Bug/Glitch

Genesis James  
Hi, I don't know if this is the right section/channel to post this but I would like to report this system error/glitch with the app and will ask for a refund. So if anyone can help please do.

TODAY I was on the desktop app and on its own it tried to buy in CADJPY pair at 104.747 today (June 21 at 16:55:50) and then this happened: 

As shown here: ***

I had $267 in my account and in an instant I was -$1,000 in the hole, literally in one fell swoop I did not even have the chance to blink my eye.

FOR SOME REASON, I apparently bought in CADJPY pair at 105.750 which was utterly ridiculous as the peak value of the pair today at this time of writing was only around 104. Clearly it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

As shown here: ***

The exact same thing happened to my colleague today and he lost $54.

As shown here: ***

Could anyone please explain what happened and please help me address this issue. I badly need my money back. I am disgusted and devastated right now.
Vladimir Karputov  
  1. How many and which Expert Advisors worked in the desktop terminal?
  2. Do you only have one desktop terminal or do you have another terminal on the VPS?
  3. Do you have an activated subscription to the "Signals" service?
  4. Please attach two log files from desktop terminal.
  5. Show trading history (be sure to enable the column to display the magic number)
All questions must be answered.