Virtual Hosting always send me wrong message. How to stop it, Service Desk can not write request now.


just likt the picture show. It always send me this message.  Very frequently every day.

How to stop it?

My Hosting is Expired, I was just testing VPS with a demo account. I don't remember the account ID and code. 

How to delete it? 

I try to get help from Service Desk. But it is the robot that answers.


You have non-standard symbol as I see from your screenshot, and it is what I know from the rules (it is about migration/synchronization) -

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Sergey Golubev, 2022.06.15 15:37

From the rules -


Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service -  Migration

Charts with non-standard timeframes and symbols are not moved. Charts having no launched Expert Advisors are not moved as well.

I found the solution myself. Delete the virtualhosts.dat file in the terminal config directory, it will record the previous vps information.