Experts: DeMarker gaining position volume 2

Al Sayid  
can you but sell stop insted of stop insted of buy ...10 points after or before
Vladimir Karputov  
Al Sayid # :
Look here .. if its sell stop insted of sell....dont you think its better...

It just needs to be checked...

Vladimir Karputov  
Al Sayid # :


control time is not working

in tester

Thanks, updated to version "2.004". Now the time interval works.

Al Sayid  
Vladimir Karputov #:

Thanks, updated to version "2.004". Now the time interval works

many thanks to you....

Al Sayid  

look Mr. Vladimir....thank you for all your effort .

but I want to ask you something...a little addition to the EA...(( DeMarker gaining position v.2 ))

I think it behaves better than the (( DeMarker pending ))

But we need pending in ((  DeMarker gaining position v.2 ))

this EA is better...

so if you can but buy limit or sell limit insted of buy and sell..its gona be grate .

and must have ...control of the distance between the position and price>>>in how many points...

Of course limit or sell .

why ..becuse of....see the screenshot..

these Sell's ...made adisaster...what if they are a Sell stop's ..
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