Multicore/thread tester - page 2

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Alain Verleyen:

That's a known issue with current Build 2280.

Metaquotes CEO also said they will work on it.


Thank you for your prompt and clear reply

I am actually setting up 3 additional dual CPU XEON servers, all with 8x Core HT CPUs - so I was expecting to run an additional 8x2x2x3 agents
Each server has 64GB RAM, as I expected to run 30-32 agents per server.

So although MT5 says 'logical cores' v2280 actually only seems to see / run physical cores?

Is there an earlier version, or a custom version that allows all logical cores?

My 2nd 'machine', mentioned above, runs 2x 8x core HT Xeons and I enjoy all 32x cores - with exceptional processing speeds - I bought the other servers to do tasks even faster.

So, it seems my options are:

Find and use a 'HT' equipped (older) METATESTER?
Run a full MT Optimiser on each server in standalone mode (untidy)?
Wait for MQ to release a new version with HT enabled again?

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