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Please HELP!

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swigen 2015.03.18 13:55 

I use a signal provider, but he have some old trades still running. I want to copy only the new trades in my MT¤, but his old signals that are in negative ballanse just ceep coming back in my account even if i close them many times. The "synchronize positions without confirmation" is unchecked, so what am i doing wrong??

I want to get new "fresh" signals, but not the old ones that he "work" on.


Please help someone.


Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban 2015.03.19 20:39  

Your MT4 will not copy already opened trades! ... How can your broker accept an order with not actual current price !.

The MT4 will only copy new trades ... But be sure that the signal is not going to close all orders together ... sometimes this will make a loss to your account in that round, but once you get a fresh new start, everything will be synchronized the the signal account. 

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