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MPM 1.8:

MPM is a stop reverse strategy.

Author: Trevor Schuil


Its not a wise strategy, It can face death anytime like Martin.

I am new in MQL and zero knowledge in computer programming but looking at what this program can do or would do, it seems like the one I need in my desired would be EA just about to make. Can I download this program and incorporate it or be inside my program? Thank you so much and would appreciate an early response. Rjtech

Its not a wise strategy, It can face death anytime like Martin.

yeah I could also make any ea look like that. 

No Trevor, Deevog was correct, but the problem is some settings i believe, because exactly like the graph he attached, all my test shows the same ting, the equity grows from 10,000 to 11,000 + or 12000 + and then all of a sudden it drops back to 0in the last 5 trades, i tried change some settings, i tried it on different time frame etc, but the result is exactly the same some 4 to 5 final trade wipes off all the profit and brings the equity back to 0, i thing its just matter of some settings  i guess...  may be you can assist us.



Same results

Same results also, on all currency pairs. The problem is caused when a stop-reverse is initiated and then very shortly after, the price goes back in favour of the first trade. As the stop reverse trade is multiple times the size of the original trade, the process which manages the differential between the two trades just gives up and waits for the market to swing back to where it expected it to be after placing the stop-reverse. On revisiting charts and testing in visual mode, it's most often when when EA has picked a GREAT trade just after a trend change, but then theres a tiny 5-7 bar swing, with one bar poking a wick up through the stop-reverse threshold. This can be blanket solved by using higher values in the 'initiate reverse' field, however all this does is save you from the bad trades on that particular date. Widening this value greatly to "guarantee" no bad stopreverses also then makes it harder for the EA to regain losses in a 'legitimate' reverse due to a greater gap before starting the reverse. You can also reduce the reversal multiplier to use less equity during a huge bad swing, but this also occupies the EA's trading time. One possible solution could be to employ a sort of "bad reverse protection" - a process which checks to see if a reversal has gone bad (perhaps by checking longer timeframe trends?), and give up on it at a certain value rather than waiting for the price to 'come around' which may never happen, or may happen after 7 months as in one of my tests (this 7 months could have been used to generate far more profit). Another possible solution could be to check whether >X bars are exceeding the threshold prior to stop reversing. This would ensure it's not just a single bar having a party and inviting your stop reverse, however would also slightly increase the value which requires reversal. I've managed to optimise this EA to give ridiculously good results on GBPUSD, and with these settings it hits this problem 3 times in a year. Given the theoretical amount testing it made in that year, the EA could certainly afford a fairly hard whack from a bad reversal many times and still profit heavily. Apart from this problem, this is looking like the most reliably profitable EA I've tested.