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Hmm, no. It used to be pretty much one of the first things I did after installation. Didn't notice much difference. Now there's a file on a drive on the work computer altogether.

Maybe it was the fragmentation?

Maybe it's just that someone told you and you believed it and never checked? I wrote it clearly, I tested it on purpose.


We'll give you some advice.

IMHO given that the computer hardwired recently, I would save everything little you need on the external and reinstall from scratch hardwired without division into separate disks, all only C

there's a downside to that but it's negligible in this case

That's exactly what I'm saying. For the average user, fiddling with disks is like death.
Maybe it's just a matter of someone telling you and you believed it and never checked?
Maybe, but I doubt it.

You can't believe that anyone knows how to test, to set up proper experiments and make proper measurements, to make representative samples.

You're thinking narrowly. I don't believe anyone

... knows how to test and do the right experiments and take the right measurements and make representative samples.

Until I make sure of that.

Simply because they've never done it themselves. People judge by themselves.

Good luck, good luck, I think the discussion is over.

I see now. I'll just move it...

Just to confirm expert advice. My hard drive crashed. Some of the information was on system C:, some was on D:. Everything on D: was preserved, but I could only get some bits and pieces out of C:.

Since then, only the system is in C:. I keep all the information on the other disks and put the terminals there.

Andrey Dik  

Just a few more words.

I always keep an Ubuntu LiveCD on hand (any Linux LiveCD will do). When windows crashes, I can easily boot into Linux and retrieve information and documents that are no longer available from windows. It is also useful if you need to delete "unrecoverable" files (special programs do not always help).

Alexander Sevastyanov  

1. The Windows time service may be stopped or disabled.

2. Try changing the server.

Leonid Borsky  

I see, thank you.

Did a search. More likely a time service server problem - these servers have a lot of failures