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MQL5 language supports OpenCL. Try it!
stepsy 2015.01.26 12:36 

Does anyone know where I can download this type of indicator? I saw it in Youtube and it's the indicator I'd like to use in my analysis. I don't mind rewriting the code but that will take a little while longer as I've just started to learn MQL5. 


Key features that I  need are:

  1. Ability to draw a trend line, horizontal line, and vertical line on one chart and it gets replicated to the other charts in other timeframes automatically.
  2. Ability to mouseover a "time area" on one chart and the other charts nagivate to the selected time area even if on the different timeframe. 
I do my analysis on different time frames and so spending less time scrolling left and right of the other charts will definitely help cut time in analysis and back testing. Also, if the code is in MQL4, that would also work for me.

Hope you can point me in the right direction. 

And many things in advance 

Trendline Clone for Metatrader 5
Trendline Clone for Metatrader 5
This indicator creates a clone of every new trend line on all open charts. All other changes of trend lines (color, position, etc.) are also cloned. Supports...
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.01.26 13:37  
It was a product, no longer available.
Widy Prasetyo
Widy Prasetyo 2015.01.26 13:49  

Nice concept of "parent-child" feature.

If this product no longer available, then you can ask somebody to make it for you....
I'm not programmer and don't know anything about coding,, but I think the logic of this "Trendline Cloning" can be imagine.

stepsy 2015.02.02 12:54  

Thanks guys for replying my question. I wanted to check whether a product like is was available. Since it's no longer available, would it be possible to create this as an indicator instead of EA?

 I'm tempted to write one.  

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