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Examples: Protect Yourselves, Developers!

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2010.09.17 13:17 

New article Protect Yourselves, Developers! has been published:

Protection of intellectual property is still a big problem. This article describes the basic principles of MQL4-programs protection. Using these principles you can ensure that results of your developments are not stolen by a thief, or at least to complicate his "work" so much that he will just refuse to do it.

Author: Sergey Kravchuk

whroeder1 2010.09.17 21:18  
char[67]  + char[111] + char[112] + char[121] ...
Instead of outputting each character of each string to the log with 'char[...]' and then pasteing back in the code, you could just put it directly into the code:
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2010.09.20 04:14  

I use Original ParabolicSAR with several setting,

and compile it with some strategi trading.

How can I hide my ParabolicSAR setting?

Thanks :)

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2010.10.01 12:46  

I used on a small expert and worked ok

But on a large 200Kb expert stop encoding about 1/2 of the file.

The _Encode is encode until line 1700 after that is the same text is the _open file.

It appears that MQLEnigma.exe can´t handle large files.

Great article other wise.

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2010.12.25 12:45  

Reading some of the articles just recently in one of the most popular finance site,they were talking about whats happening in the stock market and the 376 crach point.It is better if you are dollar-cost-averaging in this times and it is not good to be buy-and-hold investors according to them. Being totally misunderstood in its context term is the funny thing, rookies really using history. You module never see a hedge-fund handler using this point, nor several ultra-high destruct investor.

When eff you e'er heard Burrow Bar, Martyr Soros, Disfigure Faber or any other broad wave using this quantity? Never. Reasons why this term is a joke: This term was originated and used by the chinese chop shops if they will try to victim people into trading during times when the price is badly falling. They used the term ‘dollar-cost average’ in order to let you purchase again even when the the price is heavily falling.

They would do that or the reason that they got paid in two ways:

1) by taking the other side of the trade

2) by customers trading People are afraid to buy, if the market crash down as what happened this day.

But to make the market busy as always they will support the market with damb money, making money off to trading, they are using ‘dollar-cost-average’ seems like a bright investment idea.Surely, there are some mathematical reasons for this, however anyone can make those mathematical reason seem brilliant.Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros. or a host of other companies that failed in 2008 or the bust, come to think how this term worked for them. Its insane and rediculous ideas of the most rookies that if something badly fell, they think that we should buy it again.For The reason that its cheaper? After the big selling day, who would want to purchase it?unless it is relying on major support.Forex Online Courses

Yes, the term dollar-cost-averaging is effective for the Bank of America(BAC) if it fell down from the mid $40's to about $4.And Yes it also worked for Citigroup (C) that dropped form mid $20 to about $3. The main idea here is that when you hear some people using this term in the market you will immediately know that this person uses this term without any real understanding.And you know immediately that these guys are rookies and dont have any idea if what is really happening in the market. This will serve as a little help to Forex Traders.But if you happen to run into this term in the future you already have a real idea of this for the professionals trying to suade you using this words. For in fact, any student of price action witnessing a market where people are saying, ‘dollar-cost-averaging’ would be selling the market and making money why others are buying it and getting killed the next day.

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2011.01.19 11:09  

If your hide your code nobody but you can debug it, or propose improvements.
If you use a pre-compiled Expert someone else developed you won't know what it is really doing, how can you trust it ?
The programs used to make your code unreadable when decompiled can introduce new bugs in your code that you might have some trouble to deal with.
The hidden code can be detected as a malware by your anti-virus software. If there's no malware in it fine, you add it to your anti-virus whitelist. What if there is a real malware included in the code ? You will just whitelist it and let the malware author access your data.

Consider the comments in articles, most of the times fellow developers help the original coder by pointing out bugs and proposing solutions to resolve it.
I do think from what I experienced during 7 years of software development that open source code are far more well written and reliable than pre-compiled and "protected" codes.

BTW, if your code can help a trader make money why not just use it and propose it to the traders community so it can be improved and help you make more money. What the point of selling it ?
Or maybe it is that your code don't really helps to make more money, so the only way for you to earn some is to sell it ?

marcelo marques pereira
marcelo marques pereira 2011.04.15 15:20  

Hello Sergey,

First off,thank you for the great tool

For some MQ4 files I am getting this error message :

Do you have any idea why ?

Best Regards


MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2011.06.23 17:05  

Very informative article. Makes us more aware of code-theft and how to prevent it..thanks!!

i guess the more 'low-level' our codes are the better. am trying now to get the hang of using dll files along side the mql code.. think it will help in protection as well.

Jon Grah
Jon Grah 2011.09.09 10:12  
Why not just code it into .dll? wouldn't that protect the source code?
okwh 2011.10.25 06:14  

why do so such no-meaning things? it only make other difficultly to find codes, no any other useage.

you can send only buy-sell signals to anyone through internet from yourself PC if you have profit EA really.

in fact, whenever what you do, always user can re-share and trans trade-actions to any others.

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2011.12.01 07:07  
how Protec time with this technique, can give more clear, or there is a picture that has been in the Protec order to distinguish
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