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Examples: The Basic of Coding A Hedge Expert Advisor

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2007.07.09 12:27 

New article The Basic of Coding A Hedge Expert Advisor has been published:

An example of hedge Expert Advisor is just presented in this article. The author will choose its very own favorite hedge pair that is EURJPY & GBPJPY. It always moves the same way, easier to set the hedging order type.

Author: chayutra sriboonruang

Sart 2007.07.16 11:28  
else // in case ping failed or requote 
            if(ExistPositions(BaseSymbol, MagicNo) == 1&&
               TotalCurProfit(MagicNo)>AcceptableLoss$) -------------------> ЗДЕСЬ
                CloseScrap(BaseSymbol, ExistOP(BaseSymbol, 
                           MagicNo), MagicNo); 
                if(ExistPositions(H_Symbol, MagicNo) == 1&&
                   TotalCurProfit(MagicNo) > AcceptableLoss$) ----------------------> И ЗДЕСЬ
                    CloseScrap(H_Symbol, ExistOP(H_Symbol, 
                               MagicNo), MagicNo); 
Эти условия всегда будут справедливы, а позиции будут сразу закрываться после открытия...
This conditions are always true, so orders would be closed just after opening.
With Regartds - S,D.
baal79 2011.09.23 19:43  
{ return(true);                    -- ? Return before next commands. PlaySound don't work never.
  if(PlayAudio) {PlaySound ... ;}   
Lukasz Starczewski
Lukasz Starczewski 2012.03.08 09:19  
I get "No Swap Condition To Gain From : pls modify one or more input parameter(s)". What is causing that? How to make it work?
Silverthorn 2014.05.10 02:18  
I am having a problem with sending the hedge using this method. The base symbol is opening OK but the Hedge is giving an Invalid Price error. Any ideas????
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