New VPS error 403 failed to download EA


Hi all,

I'm trying to install my expert advisors on a new VPS, but everytime when I click install I get the error failed download product. 

IE is version 11

9 out of 10 activations left 

Any advice?



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Error connecting MT4 to market Error 403 and 443 - urgent

Sergey Golubev, 2021.02.27 05:41

error 403 means: no internet access.
It may be the following -

1. You did not set your Metatrader in correct way (you should fill Community tab in Metatrader with your forum login and not an email; you should have Internet Explorer the latest version installed on your computer, and more):

2. Your antivirus or firewall is blocking the access to the Market tab (switch antivirus/firewall off, and find the other antivirus which will not block your access to the Market tab internet).

3. You are using VPS which was blocked by the service (look at the post #19). Yes, some external VPS providers were blocked from the Market by MQ. You may write to the service desk, and if it is confirmed (if your VPS provider was banned from the service) so you can change VPS company provider for example.

Sergey Golubev:

ok thanks! need to switch vps