Install MetaTrader 4 not MT5

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mamin 4418
mamin 4418  


I am trying to install Metatrader4 not the MT5 but it is keep installing Meta Trader 5 version. Can anyone please tell me what could be the reason ?

I downloaded Meta Trader 4 from below location, file name mt4setup.exe

Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou  
You can't download MT4 from Metaquotes anymore, you can do it though from any broker's website (downloads area).
William Roeder
William Roeder  

If you had used this (before posting,) you would have found (among 100+) Where to download MT4? - General - MQL5 programming forum 2017.04.31
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It has been years since you could download MT4 from Metaquotes. You can only get it from a broker's website.
          Where to download the orginal MT4 installer - MQL4 programming forum 2018.01.29

Possibly the "clean MT4" download link:
          MT4 download - General - MQL5 programming forum #2

Possibly MetaQuotes' MT4 Installation Link

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