enough is ENOUGH . I love MT4. i NEED an API with interactive Brokers. Let me TRADE everything WITH METATrader

juan cruz
juan cruz  

pLEASE BRING an API. An integration with other brokers. Let me trade ANYTHING with METATRADER.

I don`t want to learn other language. I am lazy now and old.

Can you make an alliance with interactive brokers? It could be fascinating if I could pick up a stock or anything and just trade from the Terminal.

Not only forex. Please.

I am lazy and old. bring your total integration with the rest of the markets and instruments

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

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New version of the MetaTrader 5 build 2450 platform: Subscription service, interface improvements and convenient features in MetaEditor

Renat Fatkhullin , 05/20/16 11:22

To comrades who believe that they should be updated and upgraded by MetaTrader 4. And therefore, the developers are guilty.

No, they should not and are not guilty. The project has long been closed.

It’s your own fault that you think otherwise and stay on MetaTrader 4.



I think it is really stupid to do not have implemented a compatibility mode in MT5 to execute EA and indicators from MT4. We are wasting time to rewrite code instead of going forward.