Need Indicator Value reader to store it in csv

Harry M  

Dear Friends

I need a "quick and dirty" EA, script or Indi which can read RSI Data from a chart. The only special thing is, that i need to set a Time Interval to store the Data. for Example, i attach it on M5 Timeframe but Timeinterval is 2 minutes. So that mean all Data which are in csv generated are 2 Minutes data.

can someone help me?



William Roeder  
  1. Open the M2 chart, add your indicator that reads the RSI except for bar zero, and append to your file.

  2. Help you with what? You haven't stated a problem, you stated a want. Show us your attempt (using the CODE button) and state the nature of your problem.
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    Or pay someone. Top of every page is the link Freelance.
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