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Indicators: i-AMMA

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Automated-Trading 2014.06.13 08:48 


A 25-day Average Modified Moving Average is employed as a filter. This was defined by Maxwell in "Commodity Futures Trading with Moving Averages."

AMMA is multiplied by 24, then today's close is added and the sum divided by 25.

Average Modified Moving Average.

Author: RickD2

file45 2014.06.25 01:39  

Thanks for indicator.

1a. This code is preventing line style and line thickness from remaining permanent at user selection. If the line style or thickness is changed it will revert back to the default style-solid and thickness-1 when timeframe is changed or the terminal reloaded.

void init()

1b. This code will enable line style and line thickness to remain permanent at user selection when timeframe is change or terminal reload.

void init()

 2. An Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of period-50, shift-0 and price-close matches the above indicator.

Philippe Houy
Philippe Houy 2014.06.26 13:37  

Hi ,

Thanks for indicator,

This average is the Wilder's average :the MT4 moving average  ma_mode =2 (smoothed) .

A Wilder's average of 25 periods is egal an Exponential average of 49 periods ( (25 x 2 )-1)


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