Multiple MT4 instances on 3rd party VPS

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Tipo Chen
Tipo Chen  

I have several EAs, follow several signals and have some accounts. I would like to know how to setup my 3rd party VPS (2 core CPU) best:

Some EAs take a lot of CPU power or consume a lot of RAM. 

1. Better to have a single MT4 instance to run all EAs and manage all accounts? 

2. ..or run a separate MT4 instance for each account (or even each account and each EA separatly)?

I guess the first option would save RAM and the second option would use the CPU power better.

Especially with a signal subscription I guess a separate MT4 instance would be beneficial for fast sync.

Could anyone please give a recommendation. Thanks a lot for any answer.

Greg Pawlak
Greg Pawlak  

Hi, I have some tips for you:

1. minimaize all window and instance MT4

2. Don't install indicator to charts.

3. If you want check how work your EA, use your PC in house

4. separate MT4 for subscribe signal and EA is good idea.

Regards  Greg

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