cannot install EA on terminal

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Bela Telas
Bela Telas  


I've bought many EAs and I would like to install them using the function "install on the terminal". I am logged in with my account credentials in MT4 and I am able to see my balance in MT4. I cannot download any EA because there is no EA appearing in MT4 after I clicked "install on the terminal".

I see this error in the logs.
1    20:19:49.325    Initialization failed [10100]
1    20:19:23.338    MQL4 Market: failed to load products (get header failed [12150])
1    20:19:49.205    MQL4 Market: product [27031] not found in the database

Similar to problems:

I've read these comments and proceeded like described, but the problem is still there.

I have no antivirus program installed on the computer. I've turned of Windows Defender and firewall. I have also with Firefox and Internet Explorer as a default operating system browser.

The attached pictures hows that I am logged in but there is no EA showed. I see the content below "code base", signals, and so on. I am also able to download MT5 EAs but this is not my goal right now.

At the moment I cannot use the products I purchased. I have not downloaded any EAs to this computer yet therefore I cannot copy the ex4 between folders. I have still activations left this is not the problem. Can anybody please help?

thank you!

kind regards


Market Tab Error, show a blank page and missing option
Market Tab Error, show a blank page and missing option
  • 2017.02.21
Help anyone experience this? MT4 market tab is error , blank page and no option Expert, Indicator, Utilities, even my purchase is blank...
error.JPG 45 kb
error2.JPG 81 kb
Siemen Geeraerts
Siemen Geeraerts  

Hi, I have the same problem on my new VPS.

I tried everything what I could find on the MQL5 forum.
Its almost always the same => delete everything in the Community folder (...\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Community), restart MT4, reinstal MT4, Uninstal and reinstal MT4 ...

Nothing seems to work ...

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