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Experts: HardcoreFX Expert Advisor

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.12.03 06:45 

HardcoreFX Expert Advisor:

This is the Expert Advisor with Money Management and signal selection. You can add your own signals in this EA very easily by just adjusting the function signals.

Author: Louis Stoltz

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2013.12.08 18:46  

Hi Louis,

Being relatively new to MT4 i am not able to give real useful tips myself but your code looks nice, good comments and good varaiable names.

This EA is my first project so i will post my findigs and suggestios for improvement as soon as i have something useful to contibute :-)

Thanks 4 Sharing !


Garry Higgins
Garry Higgins 2013.12.10 05:49  
Its not profitable in any of my back tests. Your description doesn't tell much or anything. Best pairs? best chart? tell us more.

99463 2013.12.10 13:40  

Seul 1 Facteur de Profit de 1.12 sur la Paire USD/CHF, et sur une Durée H4, est sortie de mes Tests.


Louis Stoltz
Louis Stoltz 2014.01.14 22:08  
This is just for educational purposes, you would have to play around with the stoploss and profit levels to backtest and win with this. Thank you Peter I would appreciate some input and help for more improvements on this EA.
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